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Child of Grace

Child of Grace is a 2015 drama feature film, directed by Ian McCrudden. The film is based on the novel June Bug by Chris Fabry (Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. 2009) and stars Ted Levine and Maggie Elizabeth Jones .

9-year-old Katie has spent most of her life traveling the country in an RV with her father. One day she sees a portrait of herself on a missing child poster and realizes that the man she thinks is her loving father may be her kidnapper. As Katie contends with this discovery, a small-town sheriff, her grandfather, simultaneously tries to figure out the truth of her disappearance when new evidence surfaces.

Child of Grace features an original music score written by Henrik Åström. The score album is available on Amazon and iTunes. The film is available for purchase on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon USA and Amazon UK.

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Mango Bajito

Mango Bajito is an upcoming feature film written and directed by Juan Castillo. It features an original music score by Henrik Åström.

Lured by the notion of a quick buck (the proverbial ‘Easy Fruit’ or ‘Mango Bajito’ in Spanish), three young people decide to kidnap the son of a rich family, and hide out in the wild mountains of the Dominican Republic – until everything that can go wrong, does. The director describes the film as “a homespun caribbean tale of greed, betrayal and justice by coincidence”.

The film stars Danny Trejo (Heat, Machete, Sons of Anarchy).

Jake and Jasper – A Ferret Tale

Jake and Jasper – A Ferret Tale is a 2011 short film directed by Alison Parker.

A young boy struggling with the death of his mother finds solace with a ferret named Jasper. The film features a score by Henrik Åström and additional music by The Crash Test Dummies.

Best Short Film Award – Nevada Film Festival
Rising Star Award – Canada International Film Festival
Gold Remi Award – Worldfest Houston International Film Festival

Alice Wants Dessert

Alice Wants Dessert is a short film from Naqturnal Pictures. It stars Alexis Dickey, Katherine VanderLinden and Lindsay Seim. It is the story about Alice, a young woman who is struggling to find something that is missing in her life. An imaginative and creative short film, which opens doors for joy and pain that we should all share. The film is directed by Luísa Mauaccad and the music is composed by Henrik Åström.

Cowboys and Indians

Cowboys and Indians is a 2013 feature film from Epiphany Pictures. The film stars Ian McCrudden, Catherine Hicks and Maria Johnson and features an original score composed and performed by Henrik Åström. Åström also produced the title song of the film.

A tragic love story set in the modern West. It follows the life of Angel, a beautiful but damaged Paiute Indian woman who was lead to live desperately on the edge after having been raped. Earning a living in a topless bar called the Round-Up, Angel tries her best to raise her son, Gas, the ill-begotten son of the tragic rape. When Gas is fourteen he runs away from home and is picked up by a hard-up cowboy, Twisty, who was present on the fateful night 14 years ago. Twisty relates the tragic romance he had with his mother, elucidating many unanswered questions for the boy. The cowboy and the boy form a bond that leads them back to Angel where once re-united, and with the truth brought to light, a possible way forward is revealed.

The soundtrack album is available on iTunes, and Spotify as well as many other digital services.