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A Traveler

A Traveler is the pseudonym of singer/songwriter Henrik Åström. Following the memories of his father, Åström traveled to Greece and wrote the songs that later would become the album ‘A Traveler’. He describes the tunes as worlds of their own where the listener can escape and hopefully find a little shelter.

The video was filmed in Tolo, Greece, by Rikard Westman. Music and lyrics by Henrik Åström.


AMA–NO–GAWA explores the material and movement of the cosmos through the Butoh body. Ankoku Butoh, the controversial avant-garde Japanese dance form also known as the ‘dance of darkness’, has inspired, primarily through its originating spirit, Tatsumi Hijikata and his principal performer Yoko Ashikawa – a seemingly inexhaustible exploration into the realm of body consciousness.

AMA–NO–GAWA features Swedish Butoh choreographer and performer, Frauke, one of the leading exponents of Ankoku Butoh who has developed the Butoh body in both Sweden and Japan. Frauke choreographs and collaborates with South Africa’s First Physical Theatre Company in creating a new African Butoh work. The dance explores the AMA–NO–GAWA or ‘heavenly river’ of the cosmos and the natural and energetic material phenomenon within the universe. The work was created through a deep investigation into the embodiment of the performers from which resonates an inspired constellation of movement that moves beyond conventional dance vocabularies. It is a dance of cosmic energies that aims to move audiences on an elemental and physical level.

AMA-NO-GAWA features an original music score written by Henrik Åström.