Henrik Åström

Film Composer


Secrets of the Viking Stone is premiering in the US

The TV series Secrets of the Viking Stone, a documentary series shedding light on the role played by Viking explorers in Europe’s discovery of North America, is premiering on The Science Channel on Jan 3rd 2021. Åström wrote the original score for the the show that stars popular Swedish actor Peter Stormare (“Prison Break”, “Swedish Dicks”).

The American Runestone Soundtrack Album

The Soundtrack album for the TV series The American Runestone (Secrets of the Viking Stone in the US) is now available. You can watch the show on the streaming service Viaplay in Europe or Discovery+ in the US and the soundtrack is now available to buy and stream on Amazon and Spotify.

Read more about the soundtrack here.

Ariel Phenomenon

Ariel Phenomenon is an upcoming documentary feature film directed by Randal Nickerson and produced by String Theory Productions. Åström recently completed the original score for the film together with composer Nate Walcott.

The documentary centers on the 1994 UFO mass sighting at the Ariel School in rural Zimbabwe, Africa. It includes interviews with Pulitzer Prize winning Harvard psychiatrist Dr. John Mack, BBC reporter Tim Leach who was first on the scene, and many of the witnesses who share the lasting impact it has had on their lives.

See the official website for a trailer and more info: www.arielphenomenon.com

Internment soundtrack album released

Åström has composed the original music score for the Albanian/American co-production Internment. The period piece feature film is directed by Kast Hasa and produced by Cinekast Production. Internment follows an Albanian family that struggles to survive the communist regime during the 1980s. The soundtrack album, released by MovieScore Media, is now available to buy on Amazon, iTunes, and other major online distributors.

A review of the soundtrack can be found here.