The Other Me

Astrom recently completed the music score for the psychological thriller The Other Me, directed by Jimmy J. Carter. You can watch the trailer here.

Healing Towers

Healing Towers, directed by Shuja Paul, and starring William McNamara and Andrew Keegan, is a feature film thriller coming out in late 2024. The plot revolves around a detective’s search for his missing daughter that reveals a link to a brilliant psychiatrist’s twisted treatment program, which forces his deranged patients to act out their dark fantasies on innocent victims. Astrom wrote the music score for the film.

Ariel Phenomenon

Ariel Phenomenon is a documentary feature film directed by Randal Nickerson and produced by String Theory Productions.

Åström wrote original score for the film together with composer Nate Walcott (Bright Eyes).

The documentary centers on the 1994 UFO mass sighting at the Ariel School in rural Zimbabwe, Africa. It includes interviews with Pulitzer Prize winning Harvard psychiatrist Dr. John Mack, BBC reporter Tim Leach who was first on the scene, and many of the witnesses who share the lasting impact it has had on their lives.

See the official website for a trailer and more info:

Hopeful – The Story of Maineworks

Åström recently completed the original score for the feature documentary ‘Hopeful – The Story of Maineworks’.

This is the compelling story of Margo Walsh, who literally built a business from her kitchen table, as a single mother of two. Her company, MaineWorks, exclusively employs ex-cons and people in recovery. We meet many of her employees and hear their stories of hope. We hear from Governor Janet Mills and Senator Angus King, who point out how Margo’s model is ripe for both state and nationwide roll-outs. Maine Works is already operational throughout Maine and expanding into five other states. Margo was part of the discussion for staffing for the future, as the Infrastructure bill worked its way through Congress; hopeful itself, though at this point with less seeming hope than her company gives to its employees. This is an uplifting portrait of an American entrepreneur with a social conscience. Margot and her work give people a second chance to rebuild their lives, and a pathway back to the community and redemption.

Produced by Ian McCrudden and Thomas Hildreth.

Grid Down, Power Up

Åström recently completed music for the documentary feature film ‘Grid Down, Power Up’.

The film outlines the risk and consequences of the US power grid going down, leaving the nation without electricity for an extended period of time. It is explained how we became this vulnerable, and how we can resolve it going forward.

Directed by David Tice, hosted by Dennis Quaid and features an additional music score by Henrik Åström.

Read more about the film here: