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Breakaway is a feature thriller from Three Ring Entertainment.

Emily Burns is being held captive in a room with no idea as to why or how she got there. Determined to escape and return to her daughter and husband, Emily discovers clues within the room that help explain what she’s doing there. They even provide clues about who she is…but will they help her escape?

The film stars Marisa Ruby (Detroit 1-8-7) as Emily Burns, Peter Carey (Real Steel, Machine Gun Preacher) as Dr David Cobb, and Tiren Jhames (Street Kings 2: Motor City) as Norman Atley. The film is directed by Bryan Binder and features a score composed by Henrik Åström.

Min Lilla Värld

Min Lilla Värld is a Swedish alternative music act with intimate and beautiful pop songs, written and performed by Henrik Åström. The debut album was released on the 16th of June 2010 in Sweden.

“Touching movie soundtrack style piece with keen melodies and drama. Well thought and delivered lyrics.”
Review Rhino

“This Swedish songwriter may just be starting out on his musical journey, but is is evident through the lyrics of this song that he has been on a long path with his father and he wants to remember these moments by sharing them with all of us.”
When The Grammophone Rings

“A tremendously emotional and touching composition that links together the singer-songwriter tradition with emotive rock and alternative styles.”