Album from Sub Pub Music Publishing.

“Evocative, emotional and haunting”, Submersive is an orchestral and ethereal album with folk and celtic influences, featuring ethnic lyrics from various singers. Submersive “focuses on the bare, naked and delicate yet powerful female timbre. With melancholy, somber and solemn undertones these vocal tracks will pull you in and hypnotize you. Tales of deep misery are told, not with words, but with the unspoken art of vocal timbres expressed eloquently and heartfelt by some of the worlds top vocalists.”

Submersive was composed by Henrik Astrom, Michael Maas, Emir Isilay, Lee Barbour, Darren Rutter, MikroMatique, Kevin Smithers, Thomas Hjorth and Velvet Mind Productions.

The vocalists featured in this album are Uyanga Bold, Aeralie Brighton, Christine Hals, Carrah Flahive, Claudie Mackula, Laura Vall, Sasha Bogdanowitsch, Ganavya Doraiswamy, Sydney Lauren, Kaitlyn Swicegood, Hannah Byrne, Kaori, Doo and Gaby Koss.

Cowboys and Indians

Cowboys and Indians is a 2013 feature film from Epiphany Pictures. The film stars Ian McCrudden, Catherine Hicks and Maria Johnson and features an original score composed and performed by Henrik Åström. Åström also produced the title song of the film.

A tragic love story set in the modern West. It follows the life of Angel, a beautiful but damaged Paiute Indian woman who was lead to live desperately on the edge after having been raped. Earning a living in a topless bar called the Round-Up, Angel tries her best to raise her son, Gas, the ill-begotten son of the tragic rape. When Gas is fourteen he runs away from home and is picked up by a hard-up cowboy, Twisty, who was present on the fateful night 14 years ago. Twisty relates the tragic romance he had with his mother, elucidating many unanswered questions for the boy. The cowboy and the boy form a bond that leads them back to Angel where once re-united, and with the truth brought to light, a possible way forward is revealed.

The soundtrack album is available on iTunes, and Spotify as well as many other digital services.

Min Lilla Värld

Min Lilla Värld is a Swedish alternative music act with intimate and beautiful pop songs, written and performed by Henrik Åström. The debut album was released on the 16th of June 2010 in Sweden.

“Touching movie soundtrack style piece with keen melodies and drama. Well thought and delivered lyrics.”
Review Rhino

“This Swedish songwriter may just be starting out on his musical journey, but is is evident through the lyrics of this song that he has been on a long path with his father and he wants to remember these moments by sharing them with all of us.”
When The Grammophone Rings

“A tremendously emotional and touching composition that links together the singer-songwriter tradition with emotive rock and alternative styles.”

A Traveler

A Traveler is the pseudonym of singer/songwriter Henrik Åström. Following the memories of his father, Åström traveled to Greece and wrote the songs that later would become the album ‘A Traveler’. He describes the tunes as worlds of their own where the listener can escape and hopefully find a little shelter.

The video was filmed in Tolo, Greece, by Rikard Westman. Music and lyrics by Henrik Åström.