Short Films


A hybrid experimental piece that integrates dance and the choreography of space within the structure of narrative film. The film portrays immigration as a dehumanizing process executed by an indifferent bureaucratic machine. It follows a young immigrant woman, waiting her turn to see the bureaucrat in-charge of her case.

The camera delves into the world of paper work and investigates, through movement and multiple points of view, alienated interpersonal relationships as they are molded by the structure of space the bureaucratic machine operates in. Space is deconstructed and reconstructed in an attempt to reach a reference point for the bureaucratic world and to connect the un-connectable – the gap between those who seek aid and those who are trying to give it.Directed by Daphna Mero

Music and Sound Design by Henrik Åström

Awards and prizes:

Special Jury Award, SHORT to the Point, Romania.
Award Winner, Best Experimental Short Film, Lanus International Film Festival, Argentina.
Social Justice Award, In/Motion Dance Film Festival, Loyola University, Chicago.


Hope is the story about a young woman in a mental hospital who is one day approached by a very rude woman and persuaded to run away. Her way home takes a turn for the worse when she realizes that the rude woman has other plans in store for her. This is a story about mental illness, that explores the inability of living. Do we alone carry the responsibility for our wellbeing?

Directed by: Linn Markussen
Genre: Drama

Original Music composed by Henrik Åström
Actors: Maja Kin, Jo Rideout