Composing the score for the Albanian/American co-production ‘Internment’

Åström has finished composing the original music score for the Albanian/American co-production Internment. The period piece feature film is directed by Kast Hasa and produced by Cinekast Production. It is set to release in 2019. Internment follows an Albanian family that struggles to survive the communist regime, as a friend returning home from America is mistaken for a spy.

Mango Bajito Score Album released

The score album for the upcoming feature film Mango Bajito, directed by Juan Castillo and starring Elvis Nolasco (American Crime) and Danny Trejo (Heat) is now available for streaming on Spotify and as a digital download on Amazon and iTunes, as well as all other major online distributors.

Best Original Music Award at the Vancouver Island Film Festival

Åström wins the Goldie Award for Best Original Music for the comedy Dude, Where’s My Ferret? at the Vancouver Island Short Film Festival in Canada. The film is directed by Alison Parker and stars Jedidiah Goodacre (Tomorrowland, The 100) and Mike Smith (The Trailer Park Boys).

Vancouver Island Short Film Festival