Death Waits is an upcoming feature film by Irish director Redmond Fitzpatrick.

Lily lives with her husband and his dying Father in their family home, a supernatural House whose morbid influence on its inhabitants mirrors the Father’s inexplicable long life and venomous cunning. Amid the greedy desperation of her in-laws and the ever-growing power of the House, Lily embraces a dangerous affair with the Father’s nurse Gabriel and chooses to undo her normal life to get what she wants, defying the conventions, taboos and morals that constrain us all. She forces herself into the centre of a frenzied battle for possession of the House, with fatal consequences. But no one gains possession of the House, it gains possession of you.

Starring Alicja Ayres, Darko, Aoife Coghlan, Tristan Heanue, John Lawless, Erika McGann, Nick Devlin and Mark Schrier.

Genre: Psychological Horror

Written, directed and produced by Redmond Fitzpatrick

Music by Henrik Åström