Captain Blackout

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Captain Blackout is a 2013 TV pilot from Hellespont Films and directed by Matthew Panepinto.

Captain Blackout tells the story of James Black (Dann Florek) who miraculously awakens from three decades of unconsciousness to find a drastically altered reality. Though his family and friends hope to gradually integrate him back into their lives, it’s all turned upside down when James discovers that his wife has left him for his Best Man, his daughter (Daine Neal) is engaged to a woman, and staunch Republican, Ronald Reagan, has been replaced by an African American Democrat. Only two pillars of stability remain: a rational therapist twenty years his junior (Chris Papavasiliou), and the downtown club where James’s most sacred memories remain.

Starring Dann Florek, Diane Neal, Tamara Tunie, Chris Papavasiliou, Lawton Paskea, Christine Kelly, Charlie Heydt and Jim Conroy.

Music by Henrik Åström.

Captain Blackout can currently be seen on the web at Amazon.



Jake and Jasper – A Ferret Tale

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Jake and Jasper – A Ferret Tale is a 2011 short film directed by Alison Parker.

A young boy struggling with the death of his mother finds solace with a ferret named Jasper. The film features a score by Henrik Åström and additional music by The Crash Test Dummies.

Best Short Film Award – Nevada Film Festival
Rising Star Award – Canada International Film Festival
Gold Remi Award – Worldfest Houston International Film Festival

Alice Wants Dessert

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Alice Wants Dessert is a short film from Naqturnal Pictures. It stars Alexis Dickey, Katherine VanderLinden and Lindsay Seim. It is the story about Alice, a young woman who is struggling to find something that is missing in her life. An imaginative and creative short film, which opens doors for joy and pain that we should all share. The film is directed by Luísa Mauaccad and the music is composed by Henrik Åström.



Larry Brought Lemon

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Larry Brought Lemon is a 2012 short film by Indian director Ujjwal Kumar Patel. It stars Dean Komondorea, Devin Parentice, Saim Hyder, Jeffrey Smith, June Conterars, Elly Berke, Amber Dickerson, Katie Kopijtic, Stephen Lauterhahn.

The director describes the film as a “fantasized comedic drama” where a father must bring home a cake for his son’s birthday and has a really bad day when everything goes wrong on the way.

Genre: Comedy, Drama
Written, directed and produced by Ujjwal Patel
Music by Henrik Åström



The Magic Ferret

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The Magic Ferret is a 2013 short film from HiJinx Entertainment.

Sam is a six-year-old orphan with a pet ferret named Booger. Sam is as cute as a button, but he just can’t seem to find a family who wants him. When the newest prospective parents come to visit, Sam decides to impress them with a few magic tricks. He becomes “The Great Sambini” with Booger as his assistant. When his most amazing trick flops, Sam is deflated but not defeated, and with Booger’s help he conjures up a different kind of magic.

The film features a score by Henrik Åström and the songs “Magic” by Selena Gomez and “This House” by Cat Thomson.

Official Website:



Santa’s Little Ferrets

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Santa’s Little Ferrets is a 2014 short film from HiJinx Entertainment. The film stars Adam Korson, Lisa Durupt, Emma Tremblay, Jacob Tremblay, Erica Tremblay and Don Brown.

It’s Christmas Eve in a typical suburban household — two worn-out parents, three wildly excited children. In a desperate attempt to get the kids to sleep, their father tells them a homespun bedtime story, an instant Christmas classic — the story of Santa’s little ferrets. Although very few people know it, it seems that Santa brings an elite security detail with him every Christmas Eve — three highly trained ferrets. Their job? Make sure no one’s awake, trying to catch a glimpse of Santa. But on this particular night the unexpected happens, and the line between fantasy and reality becomes blurred. Suddenly, the ferrets’ entire security operation is in jeopardy!

The film is directed by Alison Parker and features an original score by Henrik Åström.



The Last Goodbye

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The Last Goodbye is a 2012 short film directed by Ben Cox.

A young couple must face how their relationship will be affected when one of them is accepted into a university on the other side of the world. The script was chosen as Top Ten Short Screenplay in the 2008 American Gem Literary Festival. Starring Christian Edsall, Nicole Rochell.

Genre: Drama
Studio: Trailblazer Productions
Written and directed by Ben Cox
Music by Henrik Åström

The full movie can be seen at INDIEFLIX.


The Last Goodbye



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Fallback is a 2012 film from Feel Thunder Productions in association with Consider my life INC. and Evolutionary Pictures.

A young teen lured by a world of fast money and glamour is trapped by the dark side of gangs and drugs as he must struggle to save his life and the life of his friends.

Directed by Ben Gelera

Written by David Angel Rivera and Ben Gelera

Screenplay by David Angel Rivera and Ben Gelera

Produced by Ben Gelera, David Angel Rivera, Amanda Nevarez, Stephanie Rojas, Seyed Maghlou

Music by Henrik Åström



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A hybrid experimental piece that integrates dance and the choreography of space within the structure of narrative film. The film portrays immigration as a dehumanizing process executed by an indifferent bureaucratic machine. It follows a young immigrant woman, waiting her turn to see the bureaucrat in-charge of her case.

The camera delves into the world of paper work and investigates, through movement and multiple points of view, alienated interpersonal relationships as they are molded by the structure of space the bureaucratic machine operates in. Space is deconstructed and reconstructed in an attempt to reach a reference point for the bureaucratic world and to connect the un-connectable – the gap between those who seek aid and those who are trying to give it.


Directed by Daphna Mero

Music and Sound Design by Henrik Åström

Awards and prizes:

Special Jury Award, SHORT to the Point, Romania.
Award Winner, Best Experimental Short Film, Lanus International Film Festival, Argentina.
Social Justice Award, In/Motion Dance Film Festival, Loyola University, Chicago.


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Hope is the story about a young woman in a mental hospital who is one day approached by a very rude woman and persuaded to run away. Her way home takes a turn for the worse when she realizes that the rude woman has other plans in store for her. This is a story about mental illness, that explores the inability of living. Do we alone carry the responsibility for our wellbeing?

Directed by: Linn Markussen
Genre: Drama

Original Music composed by Henrik Åström
Actors: Maja Kin, Jo Rideout